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  • Miscellaneous

    • How can I make sure my home improvement project stays within budget?

      Shop around. With all due respect to your buddy Jake or cousin Al, shopping around for a good contractor is a good idea. The best way to ensure your home improvement project will stay under budget is finding the right person to do the work the first time. When you solicit estimates, ask not only about price but qualifications. A major kitchen remodel may require a carpenter, a plumber and an engineer—make sure the company you hire can do it all. Also, cheaper is not necessarily better. Ask anyone in municipal service—there are plenty of contractors out there who will provide a lowball bid and make up for it through added expenses.

    • Should I try to fix it myself?

      You may consider yourself handy and you may have several kickin’ YouTube videos to help you along, but you may be better off letting a professional handle your project. If you attempt your project on your own, the labor may be free but other expenses can add up. Professionals will know exactly what to expect during any project—from handling permits to coordinating subcontractors—as well as how to deal with the unexpected challenges that inevitably crop up. How many times have you had to take a second—or even a third—trip to the home improvement store because you purchased the wrong part? Professionals will get it done right the first time.

  • Doors

    • What if I need a Garage Door Repair in Taylor MI

      We do garage door installation in Taylor, Michigan as well as surrounding communities (Southgate MI, Allen Park MI, Lincoln Park MI, Romulus MI, etc.). We're even available for emergency garage door repairs in Taylor MI and all of downriver as well.

    • Do you install commercial garage doors?

      We install residential and commercial garage doors, entry doors, decorative doors and security doors. Our experienced crew is skilled in all of these areas and will be happy to provide you an estimate for your commercial door repair or replacement as well as any of your door needs.